Effective facilitation is a powerful way of managing and helping with complex issues and circumstances faced by groups of any size. Through our facilitation we can: -
  • increase the effectiveness of private meetings and/or public events
  • help to resolve internal or external conflicts
  • increase participation
  • enable groups to make informed decisions

Our facilitation services support an organisation’s success through enabling groups to work more effectively, to improve synergy and to resolve interpersonal and managerial issues that can affect performance and productivity.

Our facilitation services engender a spirit of cooperation ensuring people with disparate points of view have an opportunity to work together and move ahead satisfied that their point of view has been taken into consideration.
Wendy is highly experienced at facilitating small groups (2-6 people) to large groups (100+ people). Wendy’s facilitation techniques enable groups to understand their common ground and work through ways to manage areas of conflict or difference.

For example we have worked with and facilitated:

  • Streaky Bay Township Master Plan – community consultation with small and very large groups
  • Industry planning sessions – SA Olive Industry, Australian Vegetable Industry, SA Honeybee Industry, SA State Food Plan
  • Clare Township Sport and Recreation Infrastructure Investigation Project
  • SA Courts Administration Authority Strategic Plan facilitation
  • Indigenous Employment Project – Adelaide Region