Strategic Review and Planning

Strategic Planning is a dynamic process which incorporates two key steps:

  1. Organisation Review of the key issues and opportunities your organisation faces today
  2. Strategic planning sessions with key personnel to map your organisation’s future

Organisation Review 

It is important to review your organisation prior to embarking on a strategic planning process. The review will enable you to understand organisation constraints, resources and future opportunities. When you understand your organisation’s position today, you confidently determine the best way forward.

Often an organisation review will include:

  • Discussion with key staff and/or customers to determine organisation strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) 
  • Assessment of resource capabilities such as finance, staff and infrastructure 
  • Prioritisation of issues and opportunities

The Organisation Review provides a valuable starting point for the strategic planning process. It shows you where your organisation is today and the challenges ahead.

Strategic Planning

In the strategic planning process you will decide where you want your organisation to be in the future and how to get there.

We use over 18 years’ experience in management consultancy to partner with you and your team in developing your plan.  We use a tried and tested methodology and a structured process to create a clear and concise plan which includes:

  • Vision – Where you want your organisation to be in the future 
  • Goals – What you want to achieve 
  • Strategies & Action Plans – How you are going to get there and resources allocated to each initiative 

The benefits you and your team will experience as a result of the process include:

  • Improved performance 
  • Targeted and flexible use of resources 
  • Focused approach to achieving organisation goals 
  • Enhanced decision-making based upon agreed performance indicators 
  • Creation of synergy and team work within the organisation

We have worked on strategic plans with many types of organisations including:

  • Streaky Bay Master Plan – Community Consultation
  • Courts Administration Authority – 2010 – 2013 Strategic Plan 
  • Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council – 2007 – 2011 Strategic Plan 
  • South Australian State Food Plan 2007 – 2010 
  • SA Honey Bee Industry Plan 2005 – 2015 
  • Individual businesses strategic plans in the areas of food, Indigenous businesses, primary industries