The Work of Byron Katie - Money

Saturday 5th May 2018


Half day - 9:30am to 1:00pm

Full day - 9:30am to 5:00pm

Venue - 20 Lancelot Avenue, Hazelwood Park SA 5066

Cost for half-day - $45 per person*

Cost for full-day - $95 per person (BYO lunch to share)

Come along to a full-day or half-day inquiry on the topic of money.

  • Do you worry about having enough money or losing the money you have?
  • Do you have beliefs about other people and how much money they have?
  • Are your relationships complicated by money?
  • Does having too much or too little money determine your self-worth?
  • Come along and explore how The Work can lighten your thoughts and beliefs about money.


* Those coming for half a day are welcome to stay for lunch. Please bring BYO lunch to share.



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The Work of Byron Katie - Part II


20th & 21st October 2018 - Saturday & Sunday 9am - 5pm

Venue - Australian Shiatsu College 103 Evans St, East Brunswick, 3057

Cost - Earlybird $295 GST inclusive per weekend; $315 GST inclusive full price


Saying "No" or "Yes" - Who is it I have difficulty saying "No" to or saying "Yes" to? What are my stressful thoughts?

Inquiry using The Worksheets

Doing The Work of Byron on Myself - "I", personal stories of self, body illness etc

Stressful Events - What were my motives? Why don't I say "No" or "Yes" to myself?

Wants - Why I think I can't get what I want? Practice asking, beliefs that stop us....

The Gift of Criticism - Taking it deeper, How to receive. What was it like? Beliefs appearing and enquiry.

Turnarounds: Meeting life as it is, my thinking, shoulds, how I drink in my thinking and much more

For more information contact:
Brenda at The Awakening Group (07) 5471 1205 or Wendy 0417 896 362