Strategic planning

Successful organisations keep all their team members aligned to clearly stated goals and objectives. Having a workable strategy creates clarity, alignment and organisation wide engagement. Wendy Davidson Enterprises will ensure your organisation determines its future trajectory and ideal efficiency through strategic planning consultation.

This dynamic process incorporates two key steps:
1. Organisation review of the key issues and opportunities your organisation faces today.
2. Strategic planning sessions with key personnel to map your organisation’s future.

To point your organisation in the right direction, Wendy will work with you and your team to create a strategic plan and develop a direction for the future.

This thorough strategic planning service helps you determine:

It is important to ensure that every key decision translates into real change. New ideas and initiatives can be a costly distraction unless they are aligned with your strategic plan and what is really at the heart of your organisation.

Wendy Davidson Enterprises provides a tailored strategic plan that leads your team to achieve real and measurable goals in the short, medium and long term. More importantly, Wendy ensures a smooth transition of implementation takes place and that no momentum is lost.

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Personal Coaching

Coaching is a key strategy for developing positive leadership, achieving ambitious goals and greater job satisfaction. Wendy Davidson Enterprises provides several effective coaching services in Adelaide for individuals and teams/groups to realise their work and career aspirations.

Wendy sees the best talent and potential in her clients and helps them see it too by challenging them with this perspective all whilst holding them accountable for the personal changes needed to lift their leadership to new levels.

Everyone is capable of excellence when they have the right advice and support at the right time. Wendy’s organisation coaching aims to determine what her clients need to possess a greater impact on the issues most relevant to their team and organisation.

You can expect transformational results in the shortest amount of time with very practical and enlightened strategies.

These executive and personal coaching services are tailored to individuals, managers and leaders and include:

Wendy also delivers coaching services for teams and groups focused on promoting and aligning the vision, purpose, action and responsibility of the organisation using a signature inquiry based mindfulness approach. These group coaching services focus on issues affecting all group members including:

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Group facilitation

Suitable for groups of two to two hundred people.

Effective facilitation is a powerful way of managing complex issues and circumstances faced by groups of any size.

This group facilitation service:

Wendy's practical, engaging and experiential facilitation service gives participants a solid understanding of a moderation practice. They will uncover the facilitation process and see how important it is to focus on the process, clarify the results, set the ground rules, stay on their game and manage time effectively.

As an experienced facilitator, Wendy facilitates groups and individuals on how to create environments in which people can feel comfortable sharing their point of view, whilst showing them how to be clear and efficient.

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Inquiry-based mindfulness

Wendy Davidson Enterprises offers a unique take on traditional personal and organisational success. By introducing proven inquiry-based mindfulness techniques, Wendy can facilitate rapid transformation for you and/or your organisation.

Her inquiry process, based on worldwide successful techniques such as The Work of Byron Katie and others, will bring about genuinely new perspectives and transform the way you or your organisation operate.

Inquiry-based mindfulness is included as part of your:

You can book regular or once-off inquiry based mindfulness workshops for your entire team.

Unique service

Using an advanced enquiry-based approach, you can expect a deeper level of success that delivers the following cutting edge advantages:

This approach creates more openness and awareness within your organisation and unlocks a whole new level of results and potential that will shift you into a new way of actuality.

By reframing your beliefs, you make way for true and lasting change, incorporating some of today’s most impressive and talked about organisation and personal change models.

Transform yourself and your organisation today.